Reach more in Romania with our new M-Pesa partnership

If you’re sending money to Romania, there’s now a whole new way to do it. That’s because we’ve teamed up with Vodafone Romania to integrate their mobile payment service, M-Pesa, into the Azimo iOS and Android apps. This means anyone living in Europe, including millions of Romanians, can send money to the digital wallets of loved ones who are Vodafone Romania users registered with M-Pesa. And there are over 2100 M-Pesa locations throughout Romania where the funds can be collected.

At the moment the majority of global money transfers to Romania are made offline, so the costs can be high. But with our new service, we can cut the costs considerably and the service can be used by recipients even if they don’t have a bank account. With 3 million Romanian migrants living in other parts of Europe, sending back over $3.4 billion every year, our new partnership with Vodafone Romania can make a big difference in so many ways.

Michael Kent, the CEO & founder of Azimo summed it all up like this:

“Launching this service with an established and trusted brand like Vodafone Romania, is a major step forward in boosting remittance flows to the country, especially to more rural parts of Romania. Unfortunately, a large proportion of the world’s population is still unbanked. Mobile wallets, like M-Pesa, open the doors for people to access much-needed financial services that people in more developed countries often take for granted.”

The partnership also further expands the Azimo service in Romania, which currently provides cash pick-up service in close to 600 locations through Smith & Smith and their banking partners.

To launch the service for the first three months we’re cutting the transaction fee to €1 for any amount sent up to 800 euros. In addition, all new customers can send their first transaction for free using the promo code MPESA1. How good is that?

Check out our Romania page for the most up to date rates and download our mobile app from the Apple and Google Play app store to send money, anywhere, anytime.