What do all the abbreviations mean?

At Azimo we do sometimes use abbreviations when talking about our service. In an ideal world we wouldn’t use them, but they are a way to help to keep our messages short.

So, just for your information, here’s a quick rundown on the most common abbreviations, and why we use them.

MTN – Money Transfer Number

KYC – Know Your Customer

POI – Proof Of Identity

POA – Proof Of Address

POF – Proof Of Funds


MTN is probably our most important abbreviation. It’s the unique code we give to each transaction you make. With this code we can track a transaction and make sure it’s going smoothly. And so can you.

KYC is our overall policy of knowing our customers, not just so that everything we do is safe and secure, but so that we can provide better services in future.

The last three abbreviations to do with ‘proof’ are regulatory requirements. If we didn’t collect this information you, and your money wouldn’t be protected. And we always make sure that your money is protected at every stage.

For us at Azimo the safety and security of the service we offer is of paramount importance. And being trusted to handle your money is something we’ll never take for granted.