9 of the craziest alcoholic drinks from around the world

It’s World Gin Day, so to kick off the celebrations this weekend we take a look at some of the most unusual drinks from around the world.

Get ready – some of these are definitely not for the faint hearted (or vegetarians). Would you dare take a sip?

The Aunt Roberta
Where you can find it: USA

Okay so it might not be the craziest, but considering it’s gin’s international holiday, it would be rude to not start off with a gin-based drink. It’s actually considered to be the most alcoholic drink in the world. What makes it so toxic? It’s 100% alcohol with no mixers; it’s straight up gin, brandy, vodka, absinthe and blackberry liqueur.

Photo Credit: MensXP

Seagull Wine
Where you can find it: Artic Circle

Yep, it’s exactly what you’re thinking.

The recipe is pretty simple – take a dead seagull, put it in a container, add water, leave in the sun to ferment. Drink. Due to limited climate conditions, the Inuits crafted this concoction – reports say that it does indeed get you drunk, and fast. But we’ll probably just stick to taking their word for it.

Snake Wine
Where you can find it: South East Asia/China

Infuse the entire body of a snake (venom and all) with grain alcohol or rice wine, and voila, you’ll have snake wine. The essence of the snake and its dissolved venom is believed to offer many healing benefits, all the way from impotence to baldness.

Chicha de Muko

Where you can find it: South/Central America

This popular drink of the region is made by people chewing maize and covering it in their saliva, which helps break down the starch. Then the mashed bits are put  in warm water to continue the fermentation process until you have Chicha.

Who knew that our saliva could help us make booze?! But the question is – would you drink someone else’s?

Pizza Beer
Where you can find it: USA

Nothing goes better together than beer and pizza…but to have pizza beer?

Created by a couple from Chicago, they brew their concoction with oregano, basil, tomato and garlic to create an authentic pizza-like taste. They steep actual margherita slices like tea bags in the mash as well, and so far reviewers say that it genuinely tastes like real pizza.

Photo Credit: Mamma Mia!

Three Penis Liquor
Where you can find it: China

A real 3 in 1 deal. The trio is made up of seal, deer and Cantonese dog penis. These animal’s private bits have long been believed to increase virility and potency in males, so if you’re feeling a bit lacklustre, head to the shopping markets of Shanghai.

The Sourtoe Cocktail
Where you can find it: Canada

For a mere $5 CAD extra to any drink of your choice, the Downtown Hotel in Dawson City will add in a real, mummified human toe. You’re reading that right. Those up to the challenge must let the toe touch their lips to join the exclusive Sourtoe Cocktail Club. Just be careful not to swallow it – it will set you back $2500 CAD.

Photo Credit: PR Services

Where you can find it: Japan

You might have heard about the dangers (but deliciousness) of eating fugu fish (aka puffer fish). If not expertly prepared, it can be poisonous. Well, now you can drink it! A mixture of warm rice wine and fried fugu, lovers/survivors of the drink say it creates a light smoky flavour.

Where you can find it: Central Asia

This traditional drink has been around since the ancient residents of the Asian steppes, who were known for their horses. From Attila the Hun until modern days, it’s still a popular choice. It is made from fermented mare’s milk, and actually has quite a few health benefits – just be warned it has a very sour taste, compared to a drinkable yogurt.

Photo Credit: Imgur

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