Share our success: 5 top reasons to join us and become an Azimo affiliate today!

Azimo allows people to transfer money all across the world and our affiliate website partners play an invaluable role in promoting our business and attracting new customers to our service – ever since launching our affiliate programme, these websites have helped to create brand awareness and ensure more people are able to transfer money cheaper, faster and more easily. And in return, they receive a healthy financial reward for their efforts.

Interested in joining us? Here are 5 brilliant reasons to become an Azimo affiliate:

1. Multiple corridors, minimal fees

With a business servicing over 190 countries and more than 80 currencies, Azimo offers the largest digital money transfer network of all the global players – and we’re continuing to grow. We can deliver money in a variety of ways: direct to bank, cash pick-up, mobile wallet, mobile top-up and home delivery. In addition, our transaction charges are up to 85% lower than traditional transfer firms and high-street banks. With Azimo, quantity and quality go hand in hand!

2. Competitive commission

At the end of each month our affiliates are able to receive their payments directly from our affiliate platform, so no more fussing with fiddly invoices. The affiliate platform also allows you to keep your bank account and profile details up to date, and check and track performance – so you can make sure you’re being paid the right commission for your sales.

3. We love to hear from you

We really care about the success of our affiliate collaborations. Got a query? Simply write to affiliates@azimo.com and we’ll answer you within 24 hours. Your targets are our targets, so we’re always looking to improve results – we like to have monthly or bi-monthly performance reviews, so we can listen to feedback from affiliates and make the platform work for both sides.

4. We have a bonus in store for you!

The affiliate programme is very precious to Azimo and participating websites deserve plenty of recognition for being on our side. That’s why, during May and June, we’ll pay you a bonus every time you reach a certain amount of activations. And from July, we’ll be launching an exciting new challenge – just email us for more details.

5. Get 30% more commission if you join now

If you have a website, join our affiliate programme by the end of April 2017 and we can offer you an extra-special introductory boost. From the start, you’ll receive a 30% increase on the standard affiliate commission!

Remember, if you have any questions, just drop us a line at affiliates@azimo.com.

We look forward to hearing from you!